Supplier Management

  • Driving increased value from major supplier relationships has become a core priority for many organisations especially where clients are dependent on the supply base for delivery of key business services. Research has also shown that managing performance and relationships effectively can deliver significant benefits arising from service improvement, cost reduction, revenue generation, and better risk management. All organisations have a number of strategic relationships that are under-performing and this can result in significant loss of value with organisations failing to realise the benefits identified at the time of contract signature.

    Our services in this area are wide ranging but always customised to meet client requirements and would typically include:

    • Design, and development of proven supplier management models, frameworks and supporting tools at both a strategic and contract specific level.
    • Implementation of supplier management programmes that deliver clear business improvements (and which inevitably require an element of cultural change in order to be successful and become embedded) including training and ongoing support.
    • A full range of contract management services, including the review and development of contract specific governance, contractual performance levers, and working practices to enable improved performance.
    • Relationship health-check services involving both you and your supplier which base-line and identify tangible actions and plans to improve the current relationship using proven diagnostic tools.

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